23 May 2015

What Full Service Actually Means

We hear many companies use the term “full service” to describe themselves.  Many times, upon further investigation, that term is simply overused or overstated.  Redfield Group Auctions is truly a full service auction company.  Since we listen to our client’s needs BEFORE we provide a proposal or agreement, everything that a client needs will be included.

An example of that is when a lender called with assets located in Alabama and they were located in Louisiana.  Of course they needed an auction company to sell the assets but they also needed much more.  They were a community bank which meant that they didn’t have huge departments that managed all of the details when it came to special assets (most people know this as items that have been repossessed).  After a thorough consultation, we determined they needed 24 hour security onsite, someone to rebuild or at least get the heavy equipment running and even some direction on permits and permitting.

We located, negotiated and arranged for 24 hour security……..secured quotes for the repair of the equipment and even provided some knowledge in terms of permitting and closure bonds.  Once the project was started, we were the eyes, ears and even inspectors for our clients, giving them weekly updates on the progress including pictures, videos and reports.

It would have been near impossible for them to have managed this job and taken care of their other responsibilities of their business in Louisiana and the costs would have been extremely high for travel and lost time.  We have been managing all of this for them in a program that was designed and approved from the beginning.

These same type services and programs are applied to real estate, settling an estate, bankruptcy cases, estate planning, down sizing and many other cases.  The mechanics of our programs never change.  Only the assets, needs and target buyers.